Teeth Whitening at Warwick Valley Dental

One of the most affordable cosmetic treatments we offer at Warwick Valley Dental is professional teeth whitening. You’ll see better results in less time than store-bought kits. Plus, professional products don’t contain the irritating acids and preservatives in commercial strips or trays, which are known for causing irritation.

Dr. Vipul Patel will need to examine your teeth and gums to make sure everything is healthy, first. While professional treatments are safe, using them on areas with gum disease or active decay can cause unwanted sensitivity.

Take Home Whitening Kits

Choosing a professional whitening kit will give you better, gentler results than anything you’ll see with an over the counter kit. Our custom trays are made to fit your unique smile, holding prescription grade gel right where you need it. Wear it for about one hour per day, for 10-14 days. You’ll start to see results within a few days, with full whitening at about two weeks.

All you need to get started is an impression of your teeth!

Same Day Professional Whitening

Need whiter teeth in one day? If you have an upcoming job interview, are treating yourself after a promotion or graduation, or are planning for a wedding, then same-day whitening is a great choice!

In-office whitening takes about 1-1.5 hours to complete. Dr. Vipul Patel will apply the gel directly to your smile and use special tools to amplify the stain oxidation process. You’ll see the same results in one appointment that you would using one of our take-home kits.

Maintaining Your White Smile

To keep your teeth bright, we recommend scheduling regular cleanings (every six months) and touching up for a few times at home afterwards. Avoiding dark liquids and using a straw can help to limit new stain buildup on your teeth.

Is teeth whitening right for you? Call Warwick Valley Dental today to find out.