Custom Warwick Denture Solutions

Dentures are a tried and true solution for replacing missing teeth. Economical and efficient, today’s dentures are great for long-term as well as interim tooth replacement treatment.

Fortunately, dentures come in a variety of designs. This flexibility allows us to best meet the needs and expectations of our patients. Some of the types of dentures that we offer at Warwick Valley Dental include:

Full Dentures —
Sometimes called “plates”, a full denture replaces all of the upper or lower teeth with one appliance. Dentures rest directly on top of your gum tissues, relying on suction and bone anatomy to keep them in place. They’re removable, so it’s important to take them out overnight to avoid any unwanted infections or side-effects.

Partial Dentures —
With a partial, we’re able to help Warwick Valley Dental patients preserve as many healthy teeth as possible. Your denture is created so that it snaps into place around your existing smile, preventing any unnecessary extractions. A partial can be made from either a metal or acrylic base; it uses small clasps to hug neighboring teeth, keeping it securely in place.

Implant Dentures —
Implants can be used to stabilize your denture so that it doesn’t rock or slip throughout the day. There are both permanent and removable options available, depending on your oral health and preferences. As few as 2-4 implants may be needed for a full-arch prosthesis.

Denture Repairs and Maintenance

Older dentures tend to not fit as comfortably or securely due to worn acrylic or changes in your oral anatomy. Plan to schedule a visit to Warwick Valley Dental at least 1-2 times per year for an oral exam and any necessary denture adjustments.

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