CEREC Dental Crowns in One Day

If you have a dental crown, you likely remember how lengthy the process was to get it. Traditional crown treatments typically call for at least two appointments; but if something doesn’t fit right, it can mean a third. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, that’s no longer the case.

Fortunately, Dr. Vipul Patel has invested in the best technology for patients at Warwick Valley Dental. One example is CEREC. CEREC uses CAD/CAM digital imaging and mapping to create a customized ceramic dental crown in just one appointment.

Now, you can complete all of your treatment in one trip to our office!

Single Visit Dental Crowns

Getting a CEREC crown involves a preparation appointment similar to traditional crown treatment. First, Dr. Patel will numb your tooth and then reshape the healthy structure so that a restoration can fit over it. Next, he’ll take a digital scan (in lieu of a gooey impression) and transfer that data into our CEREC milling machine. We’ll choose a matching block of ceramic and CEREC will carve your new restoration from the solid structure. Finally, we’ll fit and bond it over your tooth. There’s no need to leave the office!

Advantages of CEREC Dentistry

  • Multiple steps completed in one appointment
  • Can complete other dental work at the same visit
  • No visible metals along your gumlines
  • Eliminates the room for human error
  • A perfect fit, every time

You can even elect to have your treatment completed under dental sedation, to comfortably schedule multiple procedures on the same day!

Same Day Dentistry in Warwick

If you’ve been putting your dental crown off because of the time requirements, you could be setting yourself up for an emergency root canal. Instead, visit Warwick Valley Dental for a state-of-the-art same day CEREC crown. New patients are always welcome!